The ability to express an idea
is as important as the idea itself.

Audiences forget facts, but they remember stories. At Accent Communications, we sift through corporate jargon to lift the relevant components of your story and share them memorably.

We are a boutique, integrated communications firm focusing on the tools you need to tell the story of your brand or company in ways that fit today’s diverse and agile media landscape. Whether it is an eye-catching logo, an engaging website, compelling video, or in-depth annual report, we can help. Do you need help writing and laying out an RFP? We can do that too.

Stories today are written, spoken, interactive and mobile.

The packaging or vehicle is, no doubt, as important as the content. But what’s the point of telling the story if no one is listening? At Accent Communications, we make the way you communicate, and with who, a strategic process.

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Creating brand communications pieces and collateral

is kind of like cooking a multilayered dish. You need to understand the client’s corporate identity, mission and target market, and combine creative elements (ingredients) to communicate the message clearly and innovatively while staying true to the brand’s “flavor”.

At Accent Communications we focus on the tools you need to build your brand and your company. This may an eye-catching logo, engaging website, compelling video, or an in-depth annual report. We help you develop your brand’s visual symbols and integrate them into your communications strategy.

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Cross-cultural Public Relations

Public relations is the strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Often, that public is culturally and ethnically diverse. In Central Florida, a place that hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans call home, it is important to effectively reach the Hispanic market in ways that are culturally relevant.

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We exceeded our clients expectations

We have broad experience working with major global brands from a wide variety of industries

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